Talking Totems: Leon and His (Girl’s) Pocket Squares

IMG_1772Leon, a Hong Kong native, was in town for a brief week before returning to his current address in Japan.  I met him leaning on the sidewalk railing on Hollywood Rd.  We both wanted to catch the early shift of a sample sale from The Armoury and Ascot Chang.  Of all the stock available, he chose a handful of squares, which were not just for his breast pocket.  Not just his, for that matter.

Leon, a sale like that and you only got pocket squares?  Why?

I’m trying to be good on this trip!  Plus, they’re not just for me.

What do you mean?

My girlfriend.  She likes to wear them too.  You know how you’re out with your girl, and you’ll just casually slip something in her purse?  Well, it’d be my phone charger, or my keys.  She’d suddenly realize the extra weight, look in her bag, and then get kind of annoyed about it, you know?

So then, the squares.

Well, since she’s always going to be carrying my stuff, she figured she’d wear them, too!

When you picked these, did you have her in mind?

Yeah.  She really likes these little patterns and bright spots details, so I made sure to get this one.

How would she wear them?

She likes to wear them like little neckerchiefs.

Do you think you could demonstrate?

No way, man, she’d kill me!  Besides, it’d look better on her anyway.

Just think of it as . . . a tribute.

Leon gives it a try, possibly miming his sweetheart’s process, from the roll to the knot.

Her neck’s skinnier, so I don’t know how this would work for me.

Now, is that how she’d wear it?

Yeah, except she likes to adjust her shirt collar all the time.  She’d just be cool about it, no big deal.  So if I were her, I’d . . .


Leon’s complete look:

Leon shows his method. Pocket square / neckerchief by Drake’s London.

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